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Rockville Centre Farmers Market

The Rockville Centre Farmers Market Farmers Market run by the Long Island Growers Market has the following vendors:

  • Fred Terry and Son Farms: fresh vegetables and fruit. 631-466-8939
  • Orchard of Conklin: fresh fruit, berries, fruit pies, tarts, honey, cookies, cider, donuts, homemade quiche, eggs, homemade peanut butter. 845-354-0369
  • Horman’s Best Pickles: assorted homemade pickles, jarred vegetables, homemade Bloody Mary Mix. 516-444-1280
  • Orwashers Baked Goods: fresh, artisan breads, bagels, rolls, and pastries. 718-618-7438
  • Papa Pasquale Famous Ravioli: pasta, Italian dinners (ready to eat), homemade mozzarella cheese, smoked meats, sauces. 718-938-0080
  • New York Gourmet Coffee: fresh roasted coffee beans, hot or cold brewed coffee and teas. 516-376-4225
  • Captain Mike Fresh Catch Of The Day: fresh catch seafood, dinners ready to go, shellfish and more.
  • Jessie’s Empanadas: assorted stuffed empanadas, all flavors (meat, vegetables, and cheese) and sauces. 516-665-2226
  • Banana Bread Baking Company: homemade banana breads fudge (all flavors).
  • Sal and Jerry Stuffed Breads: assorted flavors, pies, cookies, cakes, crumps cakes. 631-920-5959
  • Giannis Chicken Burgers: many varieties – great on the grill. 516-996-2615
  • European Ridge Pork Store: smoked meats, all kinds of sauces. 718-541-8964
  • Beach and Barn Designs: annuals ,perennials, cut flowers, hanging baskets, one of a kind driftwood design planters.
  • Miss Molly Honey Dippers: honey (all kinds), skin care, soaps, homemade candles and more. 516-826-4065
  • Darling Pies: homemade fresh baked pies.
  • Macaus by Nikki: fresh made macaroons, all flavors.
  • Jones Beach Brewing Company: all kinds of brewed beer.
  • Barking Biscuit: homemade dog treats for your favorite pet.
  • Somerton Summers Skincare: all kinds of skincare products. 646-251-0813
  • Divine Waters 57: homemade candles. 516-776-5139
  • Cheese Guy: hard and soft cheeses, gourmet cheeses.
  • Lillie’s Sweet Street: fudge (all flavors), gourmet cookies, flourless chocolate cake, and mini cakes. 516-512-2579
  • Endless Muffins: all flavor muffins. 516-318-3885
  • Demi Food Truck: breakfast treats, coffee, tea, and more. 347-779-4794
  • Masi Bakery: baklava, butter cookies, almond cookies, Afghanistan sweet bread, jelavi, and more. 347-744-2322
  • Goodness Dairy: homemade ice cream and fresh milk.
  • Homestead Hot Sauces: all flavors.


510 Sunrise Highway (south side), across from Rockville Center GMC dealer Get Directions

Dates and Times

June 2, 2024 – December 23, 2024
Sundays: 7:00 am – 12:00 pm

Contact Information

Ethel Terry
[email protected]