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Roslyn Farmers Market

The Roslyn Farmers Market run by the Long Island Growers Market has the following vendors:

  • Fred Terry and Son Farms: fresh vegetables and fruit. 631-323-3653
  • Orchard of Conklin Farm: fruits, berries, fruit pies, donuts, farm fresh Eggs, quiche, homemade apple cider, homemade peanut butter and more. 845-345-0735
  • Hormans Famous Pickles: pickles, jarred picked vegetables, homemade Bloody Mary mix. 516-444-2080
  • Perks of Maine: Homemade jams and jelly (all flavors). 631-560-9719
  • Papa Pasquale: homemade ravioli, pasta dinners to go, sauces, Italian cheeses, meat pies, cannolis and more. 718-938-0080
  • Orwashers Fresh Baked Artisan Breads: bagels, rolls, pastries (all kosher). 718-618-7438
  • FV JulieRae Catch of The Hamptons: fresh caught seafood and fish (all kinds). 631-728-9387
  • New York Gourmet Coffee: coffee and teas served hot or cold, coffee beans. 516-376-4225
  • Sal and Jerry’s Famous stuffed Breads: stuffed breads and baked goods. 631-383-4104
  • A Touch of Sweetness: all flavors of homemade cheesecakes, French Macarons, flourless cakes, dessert cups, fudge, mini tarts, fritters, cupcakes, blondies, brownies, cookies, vegan and gluten free baked goods. 631-245-0839
  • Jessys Empanadas: all flavors (meat, vegetable, cheese, sauces). 516-665-2226
  • Miss Molly Honey Dippers: honey (all kinds), skin care, soaps, homemade candles, and more. 516-826-4065
  • Knots of this world Pretzels: all flavors 516-238-0328
  • Sir John Smoked Salmon: 516-554-1860
  • Yummy Gyro: homemade Greek salads, dips, shepherd’s pies, baklava, Greek dishes (all kinds). 516-708-9020
  • A Little Brittle Heaven: melts in your mouth.516-390-9784
  • Sweet Water Ices: all flavors. 516-724-2843
  • Natural Hounds Dog Food: wet dog food (beef, pork and lamb), treats, chicken jerky, crunchy biscuits 631-760-7850
  • AJW Comfort Cakes Company: all homemade for the market comfort cakes, comfort cupcakes, comfort mini cakes, comfort cookies. 917-297-3738
  • Hausshold Generals Store: facemasks, aprons, chef hats, string bags, totes, and more/ 917-749-5906
  • Terranuts Snack Bar: 631-517-0402
  • Beach N Barn Designs: flowers, perennials, annuals, driftwood plant designs, one of a kind. 516-524-7216
  • Giancarlo Famous Chicken Burgers: all flavors. 516-996-2615
  • Arlotta Foods Studio: wonderful fresh olive oils (all flavors). 917-528-1085
  • Bartlett Tree Express: come learn all you need too know about your trees. 516-334-0648
  • Mana sauces: homemade pesto and wonderful homemade hummus (all flavors). 646-596-0216
  • Hometown Bakery: wide-variety of baked goods.
  • Springbrook Farms Distillery: vodka, gin, and whiskey.
  • Silvia: CBD oils and all different kinds of CBD products.
  • Fresh Factor: squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, all natural.
  • Old World Market Places: fresh cheese.
  • Cousins Creations: baked specialty cookies.


Christopher Morley Park, 500 Searington Road, Roslyn, NY 11576
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Dates and Times

June 1 – December 21
Wednesdays: 7:00 am – 1:00 pm

Contact Information

Ethel Terry
[email protected]