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January 19, 2022
Rockville Centre Farmers Market
Basket of VegetablesThe Long Island Growers Market is following the CDC guidelines for COVID and we will continue to social distance our vendors 6 feet apart. No masks are required if you have been fully vaccinated for 14 weeks or longer. If you have not been vaccinated, then masks are required. Hand Sanitizer will be available for everyone to use. We thank you for helping to keep our markets open and safe for everyone.

  • Fred Terry and Son Farms: fresh vegetables and fruit. 631-323-3653
  • Orchard of Conklin: fresh fruit, berries, fruit pies, tarts, honey, cookies, cider, donuts, homemade quiche, eggs, homemade peanut butter. 845-354-0369 
  • Norman’s Best Pickles: assorted homemade pickles, jarred vegetables, homemade Bloody Mary Mix. 516-444-1280
  • Pecks of Maine: jams and jelly. 631-560-9719
  • Orwashers Baked Goods: fresh, artisan breads, bagels, rolls, and pastries (kosher). 718-618-7438
  • Papa Pasquale Famous Ravioli: pasta, Italian dinners (ready to eat), homemade mozzarella cheese, smoked meats, sauces. 718-938-0080
  • New York Gourmet Coffee: fresh roasted coffee beans, hot or cold brewed coffee and teas. 516-376-4225
  • Arlotta Food Studio’s: fresh olive oils (assorted flavors). 917-528-1085
  • Captain Mike Fresh Catch Of The Day: fresh catch seafood, dinners ready to go, shellfish and more.
  • Jessie’s Empanadas: assorted stuffed empanadas, all flavors (meat, vegetables, and cheese) and sauces. 516-665-2226
  • Mean Sauces: homemade pesto and hummus (assorted flavors). 646-596-0216
  • Spring Brook Farms Distillery: vodka, gin, and whiskey. 518-796-8840
  • Banana Bread Baking Company: homemade banana breads fudge (all flavors)
  • Sal and Jerry Stuffed Breads: assorted flavors, pies, cookies, cakes, crumps cakes. 631-920-5959
  • Julianne French Pastries: come taste a part of France with our delicate pastries. 718-844 8647 
  • Little Lexis Dog Treats and Gifts: 516-766-8130
  • Knots of the World Stuffed Pretzels: assorted flavors. 516-238-0382
  • Fresh Made Chicken Burgers: assorted flavors, great on the grill
  • European Ridge Pork Store: smoked meats, all kinds of sauces. 718-541-8964
  • Clean Essence: Organic, high quality, handcrafted skin care- soaps, moisturizers, anti- wrinkle cream, masks, bug repellant and more. 516 665-2460
  • Terranuts Snack Bar
  • Sweet Aunt Tillies Pies: pies and assorted baked goods. 516-698-3507
  • Sun Flowers Bake Shop: gluten free and vegan muffins, loaf cakes and more. 516-486-2253
  • Afragola Dolce: chocolate chip cookies, cardamom berry oat bars, floral cosmic brownies, samoa bars, s’mores cupcakes and more - vegan and gluten free baked goods inspired by seasonal flavors and formulated with ingredients derived directly from nature. 632-697-9340
  • Natural Hounds Wet Dog Food: beef, pork, lamp, chicken, jerky, treats. 631-760-7850
  • Little Brittle Heaven: homemade brittle, melts in your month. 917-648-1654
  • Beach and Barn Designs: annuals ,perennials, cut flowers, hanging baskets, one of a kind driftwood design planters. 
  • Certified Organic: CBD oils. 516-396-3149
  • Miss Molly Honey Dippers: honey (all kinds), skin care, soaps, homemade candles and more. 516-826-4065
  • Bevos Kitchen: homemade granola, jams and jelly, meal preps and baked goods. 347-228-0820
  • AJW Comfort: fresh baked southern comfort cakes, mini cakes, cookies and cupcakes. 917-297-3738
  • Darling Pies: homemade fresh baked pies.
  • Kombucha: homemade kombucha juices.
  • Lithology Brewing Company: craft brews.
  • Cynthia Ann boutique: soap, lotion, bubble bath, bath milks , children’s clothing boutique. 631-905-8259
  • Suruka: artisanal candles, salves, face masks, cleaners, floral rose water.
  • Demerara Delights: pineapple jams, pineapple tarts, fresh fudge, brittle.
Additional Information
Sunrise Hwy & Long Beach Rd
Across from Bigelow's Clam Bar
East of Rockville Centre Village
Click here to get directions

Dates and Times:
June 6 - December 26
Sundays: 7:00 am - 12:00 pm

Contact Information:
Ethel Terry

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