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April 06, 2020
Rockville Centre Farmers Market
Basket of VegetablesThe Rockville Centre Farmers
Market sells the following items:

  • Fred Terry Farms - Fruit and Veggies
  • Orchards of Conklin - Fruit, Baked Goods, Cider, Home Made Peanut Butter, Fresh Made Quickies
  • Frozen Sin Truck - Home Made Ice Cream, Fresh Hot Donuts, Hot Soups
  • North Fork Flower Company - All Types of Flowers
  • Hormans Best Pickles - Assorted Homemade Pickles
  • Pecks of Maine - Jams and Jelly
  • Orwashers Baked Goods - Fresh Artisan Breads, Bagels, Rolls and Pastries (still warm from the oven)
  • Clean Essence - Soaps, Oils, Skin Care Items
  • Giannis - Home Made Chicken Burgers
  • Papa Pasquale Famous Ravioli - Raviols, Pastas, Italian Dinners, Sauces, Pestos, Cheese, Smoked Meats
  • New York Gourmet Coffee - Fresh Coffee Beans, Hot Coffee
  • Arlotta Food Studio - Olive Oils All Flavors
  • Captain Mike's Fresh Catch of the Day - Fresh Catch Seafood Dinners, Full Line of Seafood Dishes
  • Coach Farms - Yogurt, Cheese
  • Marshall Creek Spices
  • Coach Farms - Bella's Cookie Butters
  • Normans pickles Company - Pickles, Pickled Products
  • Jessie's Empanadas - Assorted Stuffed Empanadas
  • Home Town Baker - Fresh Vegetables, Homemade Pies and Baked Goods
  • Mena Sauce - Fresh Made Pesto and Hummus
  • All American - Wantons
  • Moretta - Homemade Chicken Burgers (All Flavors)
  • Spring Brooks Hollow Farms
  • Laurel's Butters - All Flavors
  • Banana Bread Baking Company - Homemade Banana Bread (All Flavors) and Fudge
  • Sal and Jerry's Bakery - Stuffed Breads Cheeses, Baked Goods, Cakes and Cookies
Additional Information
Long Beach Road and Sunrise Highway
Railroad Parking Lot Number 12
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Dates and Times:
June 2nd - Nov 24th
Sundays: 7:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Contact Information:
Ethel Terry

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